DVCLUB Europe | Improving Verification: Case Studies from the US

Team Building is as Easy as Stealing Cars

Conference:DVCLUB Europe | Improving Verification: Case Studies from the US
Speaker:Josh Rensch, Principle Application Engineer, Semifore Inc.

Teams accomplished most of the great things in this world. Teams of engineers created wonders. From the Titan Rockets to the Xbox. From the MRI to the iPhone. Those teams needed to work cohesively. Building a well-oiled team shouldn’t have the same level of tension as a Hollywood action movie.

There is an underlying trait that all great teams have. Josh will share this secret, and some adventures, from over ten years of team building in the verification space. All to help you build better teams and achieve first pass success.

Speaker Biography:

Josh Rensch is Principle Application Engineer at Semifore, Inc. In his career he’s worked on the F-35 and the Playstation 3. Since 2004, he’s been leading teams for big companies, small companies and a few in-between.

He has a couple patents and several missed family dinners to show for it. In his spare time, he makes custom bacon, plays board games and works with special needs parents.


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