Conference:DVClub India – April 2017  (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Sangeeta Soni
Presentation Title:Verification IPs: Build vs Buy
Abstract:This presentation describes the VIP from Build vs Buy approach within the organization and covers the point that runs in favor of BUILD vs BUY, highlighting the advantages of both approaches and discusses tradeoff. This presentation will givedeep understanding of typical challenges and advantages of VIP product from Reusability, development cost, Time to Market and ecosystem around VIPs which will enable users to understand both the approaches.

Most critical for IP developer and SoC integrator is high level of quality verification, increase in confidence in the coverage, compliance and interoperability of Semiconductor IP. Itrequireshigh quality of VIP to validate the IP quality both standalone and within the final SoC design to meet the demanding verification schedules.It is important to continuework with various standard organizations to enable the availability of VIP by providing additional tools to grade the quality of IP, interoperability with other blocks, and EDA environments. Appropriate use of VIP will enable designers to reduce the risks associated with the core development and thereby increase its adoption in SoC designs.

VIP is indeed a powerful technology to help in meeting the requirements of IP/SoC developer as well as verification team experts and help design teams to streamline their process wherever possible and move to top level design flows with reusable components. VIP is a valuable technology that can serve two purposes:  Technology to improve the quality of IP and a technology for SoC integrator for the success.

Speaker Bio:Sangeeta Soni is working as Senior Application Engineer at Cadence Design System with responsibility of supporting VIP business for Bangalore region. Previously, Sangeeta worked with Mentor Graphics (Siemens) as a R&D member with active involvement in PCIe Verification-IP development and customer support. She has two publications in International Journals to her credit.

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