Conference:DVClub India – May 2016  (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Malathi Chikkanna
Organisation:Broadcom Limited
Presentation Title:Reuse – Key for mitigating IP Verification Challenges
Abstract:The most significant factors that many chipmakers should consider are cost and time-to-market. With the current complexity of the chips, the biggest bottleneck is “verification”. Companies may choose to use pre-verified hard or soft IP developed by the IP providers which is readily available. Or they may choose to develop their own IP verification infrastructure using the advanced verification methodologies such as UVM. Irrespective of what the approach is being adopted, Reuse is the key for mitigating IP verification challenges.
Speaker Bio:Currently working in Broadcom Limited as the Principal Engineer and has over 15 years of global experience working with leading firms such as AMD, IBM, Wipro etc. Her expertise lies in architecting the verification infrastructure, planning and execution using advanced verification methodologies such as SV-UVM/OVM in the areas of PCI Express, DDR Memory Controller, ARM based protocols, SDRAM Controller, Hard Disk Controller(HDC).

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