Conference:DVClub India – September 2018  (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Dr. Mike Bartley, CEO and Founder, T&VS
Presentation Title:The Verification Challenges in Safety Compliance
Abstract:With the strength of the market for automotive electronics a number of companies are contemplating this market but there are significant barriers to entry including ISO26262 compliance. Other markets (e.g. drones, robotics) also have regulatory compliance barriers. In this talk we will outline the challenges verification teams in demonstrating compliance to such safety regulations.
Speaker Biography:Mike has been involved in software testing and hardware verification for over 25 years. He started his career in testing of military software and safety-related aerospace applications using formal mathematical methods before moving into testing of commercial software. Since 1994 Mike has also been involved in the verification of complex hardware products (on Silicon and FPGA) going into commercial and safety-related sectors such as mobile phones, HDTVs, smart cards, avionics and automotive. Mike has been involved in CPU verification for more than 20 years, verifying more than 10 different CPUs as well as verification strategy consultancy with CPU IP companies.

In 2008 Mike established T&VS (Test and Verification Solutions: to offer specialist services and products in hardware verification and software testing. T&VS has now grown to a global company of 250 engineers. T&VS specializes in ensuring products are reliable, safe and secure and this includes checking medical and healthcare products to ensure they are both safe and secure.

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