The DVClub helded on 24 January 2011 in Bristol and Cambridge, with remote access too, considered “Metric Driven verification” with two speakers from Oracle in Austin, texas, US.

“Using Bug Arrival Rates to Predict the Future”

Greg Smith, Sr. Verification Manager at Oracle

Abstract: So much of today’s metrics used to gauge the progress of a verification project are backwards looking – telling us what ground we have covered. In addition, many metrics commonly in use are subjective and prone to human errors of omission. I would like to present a different approach to DV project metrics using bug arrivals to actually provide some predictive capability as well as aid in overall project planning.

Download the “Sample Metrics” spreadsheet here

“RDBMS-based Coverage Collection and Analysis”

James Roberts, Sr. Verification Engineer at Oracle

Abstract: A database is an ideal medium for collecting and analyzing coverage. At Oracle, we marry our Oracle database with coverage collection of our verification, and then use SQL to extract coverage metrics on-demand. This presentation outlines an intuitive scheme for database collection of coverage, and presents data showing the scalability and the high bandwidth this scheme is able to handle.