Name:Anthony Wood
Designation:Principle Hardware Design Engineer
Title:Mutation Testing for Structural Coverage

Abstract: Structural coverage metrics are a key piece of information used by verification managers to sign off a design block.  The traditional structural coverage metrics (statement, branch, expression) cannot be reliably produced for blocks verified using property checking.  This usually means that property checking alone cannot be used to verify a design block; an additional dynamic testbench and tests must be created to obtain structural coverage metrics for the block.  This requires additional engineering effort, and prevents property checking from breaking through to become a stand-alone verification technology.  Mutation testing systematically mutates the structure of the RTL ensuring that each mutation causes a property to fail.  It offers an alternative structural coverage metric, potentially allowing block sign off based on property checking alone.

Biography: Anthony Wood is a principal hardware design engineer for Imagination Technologies in the PowerVR team.  He previously lead the verification at Xmos Semiconductors, and before that he worked for Infineon as part of the TriCore design team.

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