Name:Ashish Darbari  ( Leading Hardware Design Engineer)Sam Elliot (Hardware Design Engineer)
Title:Stretch Your Imagination: From Validation to Verification Using Formal Methods

Abstract: At Imagination we see comprehensive verification methodologies as key to maximising the effectiveness of our customers’ as well as our own engineers in the face of ever increasing design complexity. We use a variety of verification techniques, including formal methods, to ensure that our IP cores and SoC platforms meet the highest possible standards of quality. Our success comes from leveraging our growing dedicated formal verification team formed of domain specialists through to generalists. We will highlight key advancements and different use models, describing our vision for the use of formal methods in leading edge production design flows. We will also explain how we use formal methods to tackle an ever growing set of verification challenges by building an ecosystem of engagements across our partners in the EDA industry and the academic community.


Dr Ashish Darbari joined Imagination Technologies in September of last year where he is pioneering the development and adoption of formal methods. He has published nearly a dozen research articles in leading international conferences and workshops, and regularly contributes to paper reviews in top conferences. After obtaining his Masters from TU Dresden, he completed his Doctorate from the University of Oxford during which he worked at Intel’s Strategic CAD Labs in USA. Prior to joining Imagination, Dr Darbari worked as a Post Doc at the University of Southampton, ARM, and General Motors, R&D.

Dr Sam Elliott completed his Masters degrees from University of York and Cambridge, and then a PhD in Mathematical Analysis from the University of Leeds. After a year of Postdoctoral research he moved to the private sector, and started at Imagination a little over a year ago.

Apologies, the presentation and webinar recording are not available.