Name:Deepak Pant
Designation:Engineering Director, Incisive Formal
Title:Formal and Metric Driven Verification

Abstract :   Metric Driven Verification (MDV) enables feature based verification closure giving the users an objective criteria for verification signoff and the ability to assess progress against a single verification plan. Traditionally, verification using formal tools has not been a part of the overall metric driven verification process. This presentation talks about how results from Formal Verification runs can be combined with simulation results to give a complete picture of the verification status. This presentation will also introduce the Incisive Coverage Unreachability Verification App. Analyzing post-simulation code coverage holes is one of the most challenging and effort-intensive part of the overall MDV methodology. This app uses formal methods to identify unreachable code coverage holes, thereby significantly reducing the manual effort required to achieve coverage closure.

Biography :    Deepak Pant is the Manager and technical lead for the Incisive Formal RnD Team at Cadence. He has more than 15 years of experience in the area of Verification technology and tool development. In the past he has also led RnD teams for Incisive Enterprise Simulator.

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