Name:Lawrence Loh
Designation:Vice President of Worldwide Applications Engineering
Title:State of the Art in Formal Verification: Deployment and Technology

Abstract :  Jasper Design Automation is the market and technology leader in property checking formal verification. In this presentation our VP of applications Engineering, Lawrence Loh will talk about the technology and usage challenges of deploying formal verification, focusing on the areas where our customers have demonstrated that Jasper’s product portfolio adds value as part of an advanced verification strategy. The industrial experience of increasingly broad deployment of Jasper Formal products has shaped our near-term development roadmap, which Lawrence will present.

Biography :  Lawrence Loh holds overall management responsibility for the Jasper Design Automation’s applications engineering and methodology development. Loh has been with the company since 2002, and was formerly Jasper’s Director of Application Engineering. He holds four U.S. patents on formal technologies. His prior experience includes verification and emulation engineering for MIPS, and a verification manager for Infineon’s successful LAN Business Unit. Loh holds a BSEE from California Polytechnic State University and an MSEE from San Diego State.

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