Name:Tim Blackmore
Designation: TriCore Processor Verification Manager
Title:An Overview of the use of Formal Tools on the TriCore processor
(Modern Art and Painting by Numbers)

Abstract: The use of formal tools on the TriCore processor can be broadly divided into four categories: complete formal verification, property checking, regressions of auto-generated properties and post-silicon debug. A brief description of each is given and some time is spent giving a qualitative comparison of the first two.

Biography: Tim is currently managing the CPU verification team within the Infineon Automotive Microcontroller division. He has 13 years experience in verification, including applying formal techniques to the verification of CPUs and other IP. He has published on verification and formal methods in several conferences, including DAC, DesignCon, DVCon and iFM, and has served on the Technical Panel Committee for DesignCon. He has also published in leading journals on Information Theory and Mathematics and has a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics.

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