Name:Sergio Marchese
Designation:Senior Field Application Engineer
Title:Safety Critical Component Verification Leveraging Formal Techniques

Abstract: For one class of Integrated Circuit (IC) design, the importance of correctly operating silicon far exceeds monetary concerns. ICs are leveraged in multiple safety critical applications, for example, automotive, avionics and biomedical systems. The rigorous and exhaustive nature of formal verification makes it ideal for these designs to ensure they meet the requirements of certification standards, such as ISO 26262. This presentation will focus on the use of formal techniques to apply elements of the standards during the verification of these safety critical components.

Biography: Sergio Marchese has 13 years of experience in the semiconductor industry in the areas of hardware verification and Design for Test (DFT).  Sergio has worked with numerous EDA and ASIC/FPGA development companies, from large and established organizations to startups in Europe, the United States and Japan.  He has held multiple positions with responsibilities in technical marketing, pre-sales support, project planning and execution.  Sergio’s area of expertise is formal verification and his achievements include:  building and leading a team of formal experts to verify a large portion of a communication SoC; developing a property-based transaction-level model of a configurable IP and integrating automated formal verification solutions into corporate design flows.  Sergio earned a Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Catania in Italy.

Formal Verification Seminar Presentation                                                                                  Video Presentation