Name:Joe Hupcey
Designation:Director of Product Marketing
Title:Formal-based Coverage-Driven Verification

Abstract: In the not too distant future formal will be your default choice for virtually every verification task.  As such, it’s critical for formal practitioners to have metrics to track their progress independent of simulation-related data.  Hence, this presentation will focus on formal-specific coverage metrics for stimuli and property completeness, as well as proof coverage – both for bounded and full proofs.  We will show how this data will help you guard against the potential over-constraint problem and eliminate false confidence in design correctness, as well as provide an empirical measurement of the ROI of your formal verification.

Biography: Joe Hupcey III is Jasper’s director of product marketing, based in Mountain View, CA.  He has led product teams in almost every aspect of verification – formal, simulation and coverage and metric-driven automation. Before transitioning to product management and marketing, Joe worked as an EE in FPGA design, EDA tools for FPGAs and ASICs, and ASIC verification. Joe holds EE, MENG and MBA degrees from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.