Conference:FV2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Dr. Hans-Jörg Peter, Software Engineer, Sr Staff
Presentation Title:Formal Verification Closure – Are Your Properties Inadequate
Abstract:With growing popularity and necessity of formal verification in modern verification flows, a structured solution to measure the completeness of the formal verification environment is emerging as a critical requirement. While a formal proof on a design ensures absence of any assertion-violating behavior, an over-constrained design or inadequate assertions can give a false sense of correctness. This talk addresses this problem and presents new features in VC Formal™ that enable a methodology necessary for formal verification closure.

  • Identifying false positives
  • Proof coverage for formal verification closure
  • VC Formal and Certitude
Speaker Bio:Hans-Joerg Peter joined Synopsys with the company’s merger with Atrenta in August 2015. In his current position, he is the technical lead for formal verification in Europe. Prior to joining Synopsys, he was Software Architect at Atrenta, where he was leading the development of the formal verification techniques for SpyGlass Constraints/TXV.

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