Conference:FV2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Dr. Ashish Darbari, Principal Hardware Design Engineer
Presentation Title:Using Abstractions for Effective Formal: Lessons from the Trenches
Abstract:It has been nearly 40 years since P.Cousot and R. Cousot wrote their classic paper on Abstract Interpretations and yet abstraction is not yet used to its full potential in solving some of the hardest verification problems facing practitioners in the industry.

In this talk, we will present some insight in how we have used abstractions in verifying a range of different IP blocks within Imagination. One particular abstraction we have deployed has been used to formally verify over a dozen different type of designs of varying complexity enabling an efficient bug hunting tactic.

When abstractions are used in the way we did, one can also build exhaustive proofs of correctness of expected design behaviour where other forms of verification will be not only be tedious but also ineffective to generate a reasonable level of confidence often required for several specialised application domains such as functional safety and security. We will show how by using abstraction in this way one really does not need any other ‘APP’ and abstraction itself could be seen as a universal app.

  • Abstraction Scalable Formal
Speaker Bio:Dr Ashish Darbari works in Imagination Technologies. He has been working for 15 years in the field of formal where he has published 20+ papers and holds 5 patents. He has a Doctorate in Computer Science from Oxford. Dr. Darbari is a Fellow of British Computing Society, and IETE; and a senior member of IEEE and ACM. Since March 2015, he is a “Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor” at the Electronics and Computer Science department in the UK at the University of Southampton.

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