Conference:FV2016 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Christian Burisch, Director Global Application Engineering
Organisation:OneSpin Solutions
Presentation Title:Viewing Formal Through Simulation-Tinted Glasses
Abstract:Although Formal Verification is now actively used at many companies, it still has a reputation of being hard to use within mainstream verification environments. Often it is employed by formal specialists, and avoided by others, which is a shame as it offers a lot of benefits in this process. There are several ways in which formal can be aligned with simulation, to make it more natural and easy to use by engineers with a simulation and UVM background. This presentation will focus on operational assertions and observation coverage, mechanisms that provide a simulation feel to formal usage while still enabling the full power of the technology.

  • Simulation seen as hard to use by general engineering, so the full potential of the technology is not being realised.
  • Need to make formal more natural to simulation savvy engineers so they can work with specialists and use for some verification on their own
  • Coverage and Assertions are two areas that can be improved to meet this goal, and this presentation will focus around these.
Speaker Bio:Christian is the Director of Application Engineering for OneSpin. After working at Fujitsu, he started his EDA career as an AE and then the first engineer in the formative Cadence Consulting group back in the 90’s. He has since held senior AE roles at Ambit, Co-Design, Tenison and Methodics, providing him with a varied engineering background. He holds a Masters Degree in Microelectronics.

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