Conference:Formal Verification 2017
Speaker:Iain Singleton (Formal Verification Specialist), Synopsys
Presentation Title:Formal for the Masses: The Latest and Greatest in User Friendly Formal Technology
Abstract:In recent years the use of formal verification in the industry has risen dramatically. This is in no small part due to collaboration between end users and EDA to take formal verification out of the basement and into the mainstream. This talk will present the latest and greatest user friendly features introduced into formal technology. From coverage and sign-off, to cracking the state space problem, VC Formal has created an eco-system to help continue the adoption of formal up its own exponential curve.

  • Coverage and Sign-off using formal
  • User friendly debug features
  • Next generation bug hunting and proof technology
Speaker Bio:Iain Singleton is a formal verification specialist in the verification group at Synopsys. He joined Synopsys in mid-2016 with a direct focus on formal verification. Prior to joining Synopsys, Iain worked as a formal verification engineer in the Advanced Verification Methodologies group at Imagination Technologies. Iain holds a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from Newcastle University.

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