Conference:Formal Verification 2017
Speaker:Will Keen (Senior Engineer, CPU Group), ARM
Presentation Title:Formal verification by the book: ISA Formal at ARM
Abstract:As CPU complexity increases, so does the need to apply advanced formal verification techniques to ensure design correctness. ARM has been pioneering a technique to verify our CPUs against our Architecture by automatically generating Formal VIP from the Architecture Specification, and applying this to our cores. This has yielded excellent results, and is now being rolled out across ARM’s CPU designs. This presentation will provide an introduction and overview of the technique, along with some of its successes to date and limitations.

  • Autogenerating Formal VIP to verify ARM CPUs
  • Finds high-value bugs hard-to-hit using other verification methodologies
  • Giving ARM higher confidence in quality of our products
Speaker Bio:Will Keen is a Senior Engineer in the CPU Group at ARM. He has been at ARM for nearly 4 years. His main area of interest is Formal Verification, and he has been responsible for deploying FV methods on several ARM CPUs. He was part of the original team that invented and developed the ISA Formal flow in 2014, and has been the overall co-ordinator for its adoption cross the company. When he isn’t verifying CPUs, he enjoys churchgoing, movies, playing trumpet in a jazz band and the continual frustration of supporting Newcastle United FC.

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