Conference:Formal Verification 2017
Speaker:Clare Dixon (Reader), Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool
Presentation Title:Verification and Validation of Robot Assistants
Abstract:Robot assistants are being developed to help and work closely with humans in environments such as industrial, domestic and health care. The robots will need to be able to act autonomously, make decisions, choose between a range of activities and yet will need to operate close to, or in collaboration with humans. We need to make sure that such robot assistants are reliable, safe and trustworthy.
In this talk I will discuss our experiences from the EPSRC-funded Trustworthy Robot Assistants project in developing and applying three approaches to the verification and validation of robot assistants. In particular, we consider two scenarios: a personal robot assistant located in a domestic style house, and a robotic co-worker for a cooperative manufacturing task.

  • Motivates the need for verification and validation of robot assistants
  • Considers three verification approaches for robot assistant
  • Discusses lessons learned applying these techniques to domestic and collaborative manufacturing robot assistants
Speaker Bio:Clare Dixon is a Reader in the Department of Computer Science and member of the Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology, at the University of Liverpool, where she heads the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Research Group. She has over twenty years’ experience in developing and applying temporal verification methods, including temporal proof and model checking. Recently, she has been applying verification to robotic systems including swarm robotics and personal assistant robots. Her paper ‘ “The Fridge Door is Open” – Temporal Verification of a Robotic Assistant’s Behaviours’ won the best paper prize at the TAROS 2014 conference. She has been an investigator on ten externally funded projects, including a recent EPSRC funded project developing and applying verification and validation techniques to personal assistant and manufacturing robots.

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