Name:Dot Graham
Designation:Software Testing Consultant, Speaker & Author
Title:Intelligent Mistakes in Test Automation

Abstract: A mistake is where you do something wrong; an intelligent mistake is doing the wrong thing but for reasons that seemed sensible or logical at the time.

There are a number of ideas in test automation that seem sensible at first glance, for very good reasons. However, there are problems lurking below the surface, where what seemed like a good idea turns out to be a mistake. In this presentation Dot Graham will cover five of these “intelligent mistakes”:

  • automated tests should find lots of bugs
  • make sure you get the right tool
  • automate all of our manual tests
  • we must prove Return on Investment (ROI)
  • testing tools are for testers to use

Knowing the pitfalls of what seems like a good idea is the first step to avoiding the problems.

Biography :  Dorothy Graham has been in software testing for 40 years, and is co-author of 4 books: Software Inspection, Software Test Automation, Foundations of Software Testing and Experiences of Test Automation. She is currently working on a new book and wiki with Seretta Gamba on Test Automation Patterns.

Dot was programme chair for two EuroSTAR conferences and is a regular speaker at testing conferences worldwide. She has been on the boards of conferences and publications in software testing. She was a founder member of the ISEB Software Testing Board and was a member of the working party that developed the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus.

She was awarded the European Excellence Award in Software Testing in 1999 and the first ISTQB Testing Excellence Award in 2012.

You can listen to a short interview with Dot to understand what she will be covering at the conference.

Intelligent Testing Presentation                                                                                                         Video Presentation