Name:Giles Hall
Designation:Founder & CTO
Title:Vitaq – Harnessing the Power of Randomisation: Intelligent Software and System Testing

Abstract : It is not unusual for our modern handheld devices, cars, medical systems and most other embedded systems to contain software with line counts in excess of several millions. This level of complexity and the size of the associated functional space means that the verification of these systems is becoming an overwhelmingly complex task. The “use case” based approach to functional verification, though effective at focussing on specific, identified issues, still leaves the vast majority of the functional space untouched. This provides more than ample space for critical bugs to hide. As software and verification engineers we need a means to push functional verification coverage into this untouched space. In this paper we will discuss a toolset and associated methodology to automatically generate huge numbers of unique, but useful and interesting use cases to expose those untouched areas and associated lurking bugs.

Biography : Giles Hall has a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Cardiff University and over 25 years of experience in the Electronic Systems industry, designing and developing systems for the aerospace, automotive and commercial marketplace. Giles is one of the founders of the UK-based startup company Coveritas, providing software tools and a methodology for the intelligent verification of software and embedded systems. Prior to founding Coveritas, Giles spent 10 years in the software tools industry working for Verisity, Cadence and ARC, delivering advanced constrained random verification solutions to the embedded systems industry. The latter part of this time was focussed on the application of this highly successful silicon verification methodology to the embedded software market.

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