Name:Greg Phillips
Designation: Technical Consultant
Title:Intelligent testing for dummies

Abstract: There are two main drivers which push the importance of testing within the world of embedded software today. The first is that software quality can often be the single most important differentiator in a competitive market. The second is industry standards, which require evidence that software has been rigorously tested.

Testing embedded software thoroughly is not easy. It is time-consuming, has its own specific challenges, and few developers enjoy writing tests.

This presentation will examine some of these challenges, and the technologies that can help. It will explore what intelligent testing means, and how it can increase testing efficiency as well as confidence in your software.

Biography: Greg Phillips worked for 12 years as a software engineer. His previous companies include Logica, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.He has written and tested everything from a process management web application to the controls for a prototype LIDAR system. His main languages are C/C++ and Java. He now works as a Technical Sales Consultant for QASystems.

Intelligent Testing Presentation                                                                                                      Video Presentation