Name:Jim Thomas
Designation:Director of Software Testing, Europe
Title:Shifting Left – A More Intelligent Direction

Abstract :  The term Shift Left was being applied to software testing as far back as 2001 although it has received more attention recently with a number of major IT services organisations embracing the concept and referring to it as innovative and progressive. But how new is it? The principles have been around a long time in high integrity software development although they are only now becoming more widely adopted.

Essentially Shift Left promotes integrating independent testing in its widest sense into development activities rather than testing being on the Right, following development. The focus is on building quality in rather than attempting to test it in post-development. It is about testing more intelligently, and it sounds attractive but is it cost effective and how easy is it to adopt?

In this presentation Jim Thomas will cover what Shift Left is, its potential benefits, and his experience of the challenges that organisations will face when adopting it. Shifting Left requires more than just a shift to development processes.

Biography:  Jim Thomas has a PhD in Mathematics from Bristol University and over thirty years of experience in the software industry with a focus on high integrity software development. After beginning his career as a developer, he progressed into project and operational management roles responsible for the delivery of complex software-based systems to both private and public sector clients across a range of sectors including aerospace and defence, transportation, finance and government.

Jim was previously a Board Director and the Chief Technology Officer at IPL, one of the UK’s largest independent software development and technical consulting services companies.

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