Name:Kyriakos Georgiou
Designation:University of Bristol, Research Associate
Title:A Coverage Model to Capture the Communication Behaviour of Multi-Threaded Programs with Message Passing

Abstract: Concurrency related bugs are reportedly the most difficult to catch during verification of multi-threaded programs. It is therefore important to ensure that the tests run during verification fully exercise the scenarios where threads interact. Traditional code coverage models such as statement coverage are inherently weak for this purpose. This talk presents a new coverage model that complements existing code coverage models and is designed specifically to capture the communication between threads in message-passing programs. Static code analysis is used to extract the coverage model from a multi-threaded program. A prototype tool has been implemented for XC, the concurrent, real-time programming language for the XCore processor. The new coverage model has been evaluated on point-to-point message-passing XC programs containing communication bugs. Added value to the verification process was demonstrated in practice; some bugs can be detected during the extraction of the coverage model, well before running tests.

Biography :  Kyriakos holds an MSc in Internet Technologies with Security from the University of Bristol and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus. He has worked as a Research Assistant at the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus (2007 – 2008) conducting research on web personalization using an eye-tracker. He has also worked as a Compiler Engineer at XMOS Ltd (2010-2011) and then at Paralant Ltd (2011-2012). Now he is a Research Associate at the University of Bristol working on the ENTRA project which aims to promote “energy-aware” software development using advanced program analysis and modelling of energy consumption in computer systems. His research interests are compiler optimization, static code analysis, software testing, power consumption optimization and parallel computing.

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