Name:Serrie Chapman
Designation:Requirements Manager, Infineon UK
Title:Intelligent Requirements engineering, ‘The Trials and Tribulations of’

Abstract : Most engineers do not like doing documentation, mix that with the fact that auditors and standards do like documentation and we have a problem. This talk will consider:

  • Reasons why we know we need to do Requirements Engineering (+’s)
  • Reasons why we really don’t want to do it (-‘s)
  • Reasons why we have no choice

By using a more Intelligent approach, Serrie will consider how we can tip the balance to the +’ve

Biography: Serrie Chapman gained a degree in Computing for Real time systems and has since been employed by Infineon technologies, currently in the automotive Microcontroller Business Unit.

Serrie has also spent time on activities such as the IEEE1647 ‘e’ language standardization committee, supporting improvements in tracking and dissemination of information via change management, bug tracking, twiki documentation and requirements tracing.

In 2010 a new safety standard ISO26262 was emerging and is seen as a mandatory requirement for all future automotive systems. This standard requires documented proof and auditability of all the Safety requirements, at this point Serrie moved fully into requirements management for the Microcontroller AURIX Tricore© product family.

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