Name:Barry Savell
Designation:Associate Consultant
Title:Get Yourself Covered

 Abstract : Measuring code coverage during software testing is generally seen as a good thing, but not everyone knows about it, does it or fully understands it.  Code coverage metrics are, however, important because they highlight which parts of the software have not been covered by your tests providing useful information about the adequacy of your tests.  When code coverage is measured, organisations often set code coverage targets to be achieved by tests before software can be released but is 85% code coverage sufficient or should it be 90%, or 75%? And what exactly does 100% mean?

In this presentation, Barry will be explaining why you should care about coverage, the different types of coverage metrics, levels at which coverage can be measured, how it is measured and how much coverage you really need.  Code coverage is not a silver bullet but code coverage metrics should play an important part in your software verification strategy for every development project.

Biography: Barry Savell is a Chartered Engineer with a BSc in Physics and over 30 years experience in software engineering.  As a developer and designer he has worked on projects including radar tracking systems and an oil rig control system.  He progressed into project management and consultancy roles, including managing large projects such as an underground train monitoring system and a network voice mail system.  He then spent over ten years as an operations manager and later divisional director, for one of the UK’s largest independent software houses, overseeing projects for clients including a medical device company and a major defence systems supplier.

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