Conference:Intelligent Testing 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Anna Baik, Test Manager.
Presentation Title:Skills, not logistics – successful hiring for skilled testers
Abstract:It’s tough to hire skilled testers – a perennial complaint. Yet, when most job ads and job specs focus on what Paul Gerrard’s New Model identifies as logistics, rather than the actual skills required to deliver good testing – is it any surprise that these lead to uninspiring job ads, and disappointing hires?
BiographyAnna Baik is the Test Manager at Brightpearl, where she has hired testers over the last 4 years during the company’s rapid growth. She started her testing career in 2004 working on the backend systems that support BT’s 999 service. She has been active in the local and international testing communities for some time, and currently runs testing meetups in Bristol.