Conference:Intelligent Testing 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Declan O’Riordan, Head of Security Testing.
Company:Test and Verification Solutions Ltd
Presentation Title:Application security testing – Where are we now?
Abstract:Let’s look at the current state of security testing. What is getting better and what is getting worse? Is the balance with network security and penetration testing working? What part is the project team playing in application security, and is there more we could be doing?
BiographyDeclan O’Riordan is the Head of Security Testing at TVS and has a Data Processing Degree from Sunderland University and an Open University MBA. He has worked for small rapidly growing organisations such as the Commonwealth Games, plus large corporations such as the European Commission, European Medicines Agency, Argos Retail Group, Aviva Insurance, and several blue-chip retail banks. His IT career began as a developer, then progressed through systems analysis to testing and test consultancy; developing a specialisation in security en-route.
Declan is well known for speaking at testing conferences on IT security in general and application security in particular. He believes it is both possible and essential for project teams to have a working understanding of security. He has joined TVS to spread that message to maximum effect.