Conference:Intelligent Testing 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Dr Roderick Chapman, Director.
Company:Protean Code Limited
Presentation Title:The SEI Personal Software Process: Improve Yourself!
Abstract:The SEI’s Personal Software Process (PSP) provides individuals with the skills and disciplines to plan, measure, and improve their own work. The PSP places a strong emphasis on the use of static verification to reduce risk and cost associated with “late breaking” defects in software development. This talk will reflect on my own experience with learning, teaching and deploying PSP, and will point attendees in the right direction to find out more about it.
BiographyRoderick Chapman is an independent consultant software engineer. He specializes in the development of safety and security-critical systems, from requirements engineering, through architectural design and implementation, to verification, audit and assessment. Following graduation from the University of York, Rod joined Praxis (now Altran UK), and contributed to many of the company’s keynote projects, rising to the role of principal engineer for software process and design. He also led the programming language and verification research group at Praxis, leading the technical development, training, sales and marketing of the SPARK product line.More recently, Rod turned his attention to software process, working on merging the discipline of traditional high-integrity processes with more agile approaches such as Scrum, and the philosophy of the Lean Engineering Movement. As part of this work, Rod became the first SEI-certified Personal Software Process (PSP) Instructor in the UK and led the roll-out of the PSP approach within the company. Rod is a regular speaker at international conferences, and is widely recognized as a leading authority on high-integrity software development, programming language design, and software verification tools. In 2006, he was invited to become a Fellow of the British Computer Society. In 2011, Rod was the joint recipient of the inaugural Microsoft Research Verified Software Milestone Award for his contribution to the Tokeneer project