Conference:Intelligent Testing 2014 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Jenny Mulholland, Test Lead
Presentation Title:ECOnomy in testing: Early, Collaboratively, Once
Abstract:There are many (excellent) tools, techniques and processes available to help you improve your testing and find bugs more efficiently. However, this talk takes a step back from those to look at three underlying principles – Early, Collaboratively, Once – which can have a major impact on the effectiveness of your testing and on how much you need to invest in achieving great quality software.

  • Early – No matter whether you follow a waterfall or Agile process, involving your testers early, for instance in test planning, will get the most benefit from their valuable skills.
  • Collaboratively – Testers should reject the traditional gatekeeper role and work with developers as friends, not fools.
  • Once – Spend time to identify the most appropriate level to test at – for example, don’t cover something with manual end-to-end testing which could be more efficiently covered by unit tests.
BiographyJenny is Test Lead at Softwire where she has been fortunate enough to work on an interesting variety of projects, from BBC websites, to smart energy solutions, to complex booking systems. She previously worked at Symbian and Nokia in quality and test management roles.