Name:Nigel Charman
Designation:Chief of Software and Systems Verification, Rolls Royce
Title:Intelligent Testing in Complex Environments

Abstract: Have you ever considered the complexities of Gas Turbine Control System testing?  In this talk, Nigel will reveal all, explaining how testing is divided into a number of stages intended to maximise the ability to generate the test conditions and to measure the outcome of the tests.  Some tests can only be run at low-level in software modules and some tests can only be run on-engine.  Some tests cannot be run hundreds of times on a real engine because of the cost and unpredictability, for instance engine overspeeds or out-of-envelope operations.  However, some tests such as dynamic behaviours are only fully representative when run on an engine on a flying aircraft.  Therefore the testing must be carefully planned, divided and monitored to ensure complete test coverage for engine certification.  The challenge of testing a system with some 600 inputs in a complex environment and achieving confidence in the results is not to be underestimated.

Biography: Nigel has been in the aerospace software industry since the mid-1980s, first working on the Seawolf, Ariane IV and Tornado programmes, before joining Rolls-Royce where he has worked on small civil, large civil and marine Gas Turbines.  He has tested the software and electronics on missiles, rockets, ships and aircraft.  He can remember CP/M 86 and OS/2, and now leads the testing of DSPs and the adoption of Behaviour Driven Development.

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