Name:Russell Gallop
Designation:Senior Software Engineer in Test, SN Systems
Title:Agile and CI for Embedded Software and Tool Development

Abstract: Agile methods and continuous integration grew out of the forward thinking Smalltalk and Java communities. They are now pretty standard in pure software environments due to the decreases in defects and release time. Adopting these techniques in development of embedded software or tools however presents additional challenges. Hardware may be scarce or unreliable. Software may have real-time constraints to meet. Testing may require a trained eye looking over the output. This talk aims to outline some of the problems that may be encountered in trying to implement these practices and approaches to resolving or avoiding them.

Biography: Russell Gallop has worked in the fields of embedded processors, software and tools for over 10 years, on both the design and verification sides. During that time he has developed and set up a number continuous integration systems. He has worked with Scrum and Kanban agile processes. He believes that these practices when well implemented can make a big difference to the productivity and working environment of developers and testers. He now works for SN Systems as a Senior Software Engineer in Test in the Playstation 4 compiler team.

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