Name:Simon Davidmann
Designation:President and CEO, Imperas Software
Title:Virtual Platform Software Simulation for Enhanced Multi-core Software Verification

Abstract: Virtual Platforms are becoming established as an effective mechanism for the early verification of embedded software running on multi-core processor platforms.  However, the simulation technology utilised in different virtual platforms solutions varies widely, producing a range of verification capabilities.  For multi-core software, the verification environment used needs to allow cross platform and time domain analysis, OS and CPU aware operations and a heightened level of extensibility.  All this must be available at or near real time software execution speeds.  This presentation will discuss simulation capability and its effect on the tooling available for this complex software verification process.

Biography: Prior to founding Imperas, Simon was a VP in Synopsys following its successful acquisition of Co-Design Automation, the original developer of Superlog, which became SystemVerilog. Prior to founding Co-Design Simon was an executive or European GM with 5 US based EDA startups including Chronologic which pioneered the compiled code simulator VCS, and Ambit which was acquired by Cadence for $280M. Simon was one of the original developers of the HILO logic simulation system, co-authored the definitive book on SystemVerilog, and is a visiting Professor of Digital Systems at Queen Mary, University of London.

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