Conference:Intelligent Testing 2015 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Colin Deady, Technical Test Manager
Organisation:Capita IT Professional Services
Presentation Title:Using BDD to deliver Zero Known Defect Releases
Abstract:BDD gives us a methodology for delivering software that meets client expectations and business needs. Combined with a Zero Known Defect approach to fixing both BDD and non-BDD defects we can deliver rock-solid software into production environments with no known issues.In this presentation I will share practical ways that we have used BDD with Zero Known Defects to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both testing and development at Capita.

  • BDD brings equal understanding of requirements to the BA, Tester and Developer via structured conversations.
  • Zero Known Defects encourages a mind-set and straightforward method that teams can use to empower themselves to fix every known defect.
  • BDD + ZKD delivers software that meets client expectations and is rock-solid when deployed.
BiographyColin works as a Technical Test Manager with over 15 years dedicated test experience, focussing on automation in the fields of real-time data processing, mobile workforce management and network auditing.A strong Shift Left advocate, he uses BDD to enable his teams to deliver with certainty on client commitments.


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