Conference:Intelligent Testing 2015 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Declan O’Riordan, Head of Security Testing
Organisation:Test and Verification
Presentation Title:The Security Development Lifecycle
Abstract:Application Security is about much more than automated code vulnerability scanning and some penetration testing. The secure development lifecycle begins by reviewing your project framework and ends when the system is decommissioned and all data deleted. There is no reason Agile or Dev Ops projects should be less secure than ‘V’ model or Iterative projects, provided the thinking about how to include appropriate security efforts starts at the beginning of the process and is built into the whole SDLC.

  • Identify the drivers for applying security.
  • Appreciate the asymmetric economics of cyber-security, both negative and positive.
  • View the full panorama of the security development lifecycle and where you fit in.
BiographyDeclan O’Riordan is an international conference speaker and double winner of the EuroSTAR 2014 best paper and best presentation session prizes at the largest testing conference in Europe.


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