Name: Bob Gardner

Designation: Developer Technology Engineer, Imagination Technologies

Title: Multicore Architecture of PowerVR


This talk will explain the multicore nature of PowerVR GPU architecture, covering both Series 5/5XT and the latest Series 6 families. We will discuss the benefit of the multi-core and multi-cluster architectures; how it enables PowerVR GPUs to deliver unrivalled compute power per mm2 and per mW; and what this means to software engineers using chips powered by PowerVR GPUs.


Bob Gardner graduated as a Games Programmer from Teesside University, where his studies focused on real-time graphics and the use of artificial neural networks in games.  As a developer of the PowerVR Insider SDK he has delivered training materials and presentations relating to optimizing for and understanding PowerVR Graphics IP to some the biggest players in mobile and embedded systems. Bob works in the Developer technology team of Imagination, which provides and develops the industry’s leading mobile and embedded graphics SDK, and provides technical support to more than 33,000 members of the PowerVR Insider ecosystem.

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