Name: David Lacey

Designation: Technical Director of Software Tools, XMOS

Title: Designing real-time, embedded multi-core applications


This talk describes how the top level design of embedded, real-time applications are undertaken on XMOS XCORE(tm) devices. It will cover the partitioning of the design across different processing cores and the considerations to take into account when design applications: memory, communication bandwidth, latency etc. All this will be demonstrated will some real examples using the XMOS development tools.


Dr David Lacey works as Technical Director of Software Tools at XMOS Ltd. With over ten years of research and development in programming tools and compilation technology he now works on the development tools for XMOS devices. As well as tools development he has worked on application development for parallel, embedded and multicore microprocessors including work in areas such as math libraries, networking, financial simulation and audio processing.

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