Name: David Lecomber

Designation: CTO, Allinea Software

Title: Debugging for the Hybrid Multicore Age


High-performance scientific computing has been the home of extreme sized supercomputers and practical parallel computing for many years.  With million-core systems now arriving, and large hybrid systems using accelerators on the scene already, this presentation will look at the challenges facing developers for these systems. We will explore how Allinea’s tools are helping to tame the problems of massive complexity in extreme computing, and its overlap and lessons for universal multicore computing.


Dr David Lecomber is the CTO and a founder of Allinea Software and leads the research and development team behind its software products.  David’s development team are behind the world’s first Petascale debugger – the only commercial software tool to have been proven to run concurrently at over 100,000 cores. The team has a passion for making the development of multi-process or multi-threaded codes easier – from the desktop through to supercomputers with millions of cores.

About Allinea..

Allinea Software is the leading supplier of tools for parallel programming and high performance computing (HPC). Allinea’s products are used by leading commercial and research institutions across the world, and set the standard for affordability, functionality and ease-of-use – whether applied to applications at modest scale or petascale applications on the world’s largest supercomputers. With new product features aimed at multi-threaded applications and mixed computing architectures, Allinea is now bringing its wealth of experience in parallel tools to the rapidly-expanding arena of multi-core processing.

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