Name: João Lourenço

Designation: Assistant Professor, CS Department, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Title: Debugging Highly-Parallel Programs


The new multicore architectures came to stay!  And to make the most out of these architectures, software developers must now embrace multi-threading and parallel programming. But parallel programming is some orders of magnitude harder than sequential programming, making the program design and coding more demanding. The exponential set of program states makes code coverage and proper program testing more difficult and time-consuming. The non-determinism and interference among concurrent threads makes debugging a nightmare.  In this talk, I will explain why developing, testing and debugging parallel programming is so much harder, and will identify some challenges brought by the upcoming many-core processors.


João Lourenço has received his doctoral degree from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, in 2004, where he holds a position as Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department.   He is a member of the steering committee of the PADTAD Workshop Series and of the MSEPT Conference Series, a member of the advisory board of the Euro-Par Conference Series, and a member of the Management Committee of the Euro-TM COST action. His primary research interests are in in-memory data management, and static and dynamic program analysis for improving correctness and reliability of concurrent programs.  Recently he spent 3 months of his sabbatical leave at the IBM Research Laboratories in Haifa, Israel.

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