Name: Kerstin Eder

Designation: Reader in Design Automation and Verification University of Bristol

Title: Innovations for Testing Parallel Software


Concurrent software exploits the availability of multiple CPU cores on today’s modern hardware platforms in an effort to improve performance. However, concurrency introduces new classes of bugs (e.g. deadlock, race conditions) and increases the number of different possible executions through the code. Research suggests that 10% of the bugs in concurrent software are due to the parallel nature of the execution. Unfortunately, our traditional testing techniques for sequential code will not find these bugs.

In this talk we cover in detail the challenges of testing concurrent software and discuss the innovations required in our software testing processes required to meet the challenges: in the types of tests we need; in the metrics we need to measure the effectiveness of our testing; and the methods we need to debug test failures. The talk will offer possible solutions to these innovations. Such solutions and metrics are vital to the effort to ensure the quality of concurrent software.


Kerstin Eder is a Reader in Design Automation and Verification at the University of Bristol. She holds a PhD in Computational Logic, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and an MEng in Informatics. She has been active in Design Verification since 1997, gaining experience in both academic research and during regular industrial secondments where she joined verification teams as design verification engineer. At the University of Bristol Kerstin introduced the Design Verification curriculum at Master level in 2002, teaching state-of-the-art verification techniques supported by labs with industrial verification tools. Her research includes specification, verification and analysis methods that allow designers to define a system and to verify/explore its behaviour in terms of functional correctness, performance, power consumption and energy efficiency. She has recently launched a series of workshops on Energy-Aware Computing (EACO). At the Bristol Robotics Laboratory she develops approaches towards certification of autonomous systems. In the next six months Kerstin is kick-starting three new research projects, one on Whole System Energy Transparency, one on Verification of Autonomous Systems and one on Safety of Human Assistive Robots.
At TVS Kerstin provides consultancy to develop professional training materials for the latest dynamic and static verification methods and contributes to the development of advanced verification methodologies.

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