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Name: Saeid Azmoodeh

Designation: Director of Engineering, Bristol Design Centre

Title: Multicore, Scalability and High Performance at Low Power


The term “multicore” is increasingly misunderstood and over-simplified, as many still think this simply refers to having more than one conventional CPU. In this seminar, we’ll explain how Imagination uses the concept of multiple datapaths and execution units utilising range of different hardware and software architectures to implement high performance, highly scalable IP (Intellectual Property) cores covering graphics (GPU), video (VPU), communications (RPU) as well as CPU functionality. We will also explain how Imagination  uses this to deliver much more than just performance scaling, including power management, product portfolio breadth, and application software flexibility.


Saeid Azmoodeh has a long career in semiconductor industry and presently is Director of Engineering in Imagination Technologies. Prior to joining Imagination, he was with ST-Ericsson, STMicroelectronics and Inmos. During that time, he designed and managed the development of numerous IP’s, CPU cores, SOC’s and complete products for a wide range of consumer and mobile devices. In his last role with ST-Ericsson, he was R&D centre and program manager, driving a multi-discipline R&D team to develop highly integrated single chip WLAN products.

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