Name: Stephen Blair-Chappell

Designation: Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel

Title: Three questions every programmer should ask


In this session, we answer three questions that are commonly asked when optimising code – that is …. How can I make my code parallel? How can I make my code faster; will my optimised code run on any CPU?   After looking at the issues each question raises, we will refer to several case studies and show how these questions were  answered and verified.


Stephen is a Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel, and has worked in the Intel Compiler Lab for the last 14 years.  He is a regular speaker at technical conferences in Europe and the US.  Prior to joining Intel, Stephen worked as a lecturer at Birmingham City University, specializing in Software Engineering and Embedded Systems. As an academic he developed and delivered CPU architecture programming courses for a number of silicon and software manufacturers. Stephen is author of the book “Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE” (ISBN  9780470891650, Wiley, April 2012).  Outside work, Stephen enjoys playing the pipe organ, and is an accomplished musical instrument restorer.

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