Tool: Intel® Embedded Software Development Tool Suite – specifically the Vtune Performance Analyser and System Debugger


The Intel® Embedded Software Development Tool Suite combines Intel’s industry-leading C/C++ compiler, performance libraries, performance profiling, and application & JTAG debugging tools into a single suite offering. This helps embedded developers to boost system and application performance, increase code quality, and   reliability necessary for embedded systems. The suite covers the entire software development cycle from coding, compiling, and debugging to analysing performance and in doing so it addresses software reliability, power and performance requirements of    embedded systems, tablets, handhelds, netbook, and consumer electronic devices.  All included development software tools are Linux* hosted and compatible with GNU tools.

Presenter: Bernth Andersson (Staff Software Engineer, Intel)


Bernth Andersson joined Intel Corporation 1982 as a Training Specialist in Processor Architecture, SW Development Tools and Real Time Operating Systems. During the last 14 years he has been working in Germany concentrating on Compiler and Debugger support. Bernth regularly talks on program optimisation and programming for low-power devices at technical conferences throughout Europe.