Tool:  NVIDIA Nsight (Visual Studio Edition)


NVIDIA® Nsight™ is the ultimate development platform for heterogeneous computing. Work with powerful debugging and profiling tools that enable you to fully optimize the performance of the CPU and GPU. Not only do these feature-rich tools optimize performance, they help you gain a better understanding of your code – identify and analyse bottlenecks and observe the behaviour of all system activities.
Experience the ease of developing code for GPUs using NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition for Windows. Nsight™ Eclipse Edition is also available for Linux and Mac OS.

Presenter: Thomas Bradley, Manager of Developer Technology for HPC, nVidia


Thomas Bradley MEng. (Hons) MIET graduated with a first-class MEng degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Bristol, UK, having also studied at l’École Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications in Brest, France. He worked as a processor architect for video encoding processors at STMicroelectronics before moving to ClearSpeed Technology plc to lead architecture development for general purpose parallel processors. Since then he has specialized in High Performance Computing software development at ClearSpeed and at NVIDIA, where he manages Developer Technology for HPC in EMEAI.