Tool:  Razor – The CPU and GPU performance analyzer and GPU debugger for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)


Razor allows you to capture both CPU and GPU data so that you can eliminate conflicts and bottlenecks in your game. Data is captured while you play the game. The data can be analyzed or saved for later offline comparison and analysis.

Razor comprises of a PS Vita-side HUD, PS Vita SDK libraries for instrumentation of your game and a capture/analysis component that is integrated within Visual Studio.

Start with the HUD to gain a high-level understanding of your game, then perform CPU or GPU specific traces for a “deeper-dive”. From the OS’s thread scheduler through jobs and functions right down to the signal level.

The CPU profiler is very low intrusion (utilising both ARM and bespoke profiling hardware), and there’s no need to create a special profile build of your title. Data captured is at an OS level (threads, syscalls); function and instruction level. All the captured data is correlated with the source code and can be exported for analysis in your own tools.

CPU analysis includes:

  • Thread, fiber, and ULT scheduling for each process and system calls.
  • Core and CPU utilization.
  • Exclusive function timings.
  • Hit counts for PC (program counter) sampling.
  • Disassembly of functions.
  • User markers (you can view performance counters at marker boundaries).
  •  Live on-screen head-up display (HUD) that displays user markers, core and CPU utilization, and the framerate.

There is also a GPU part of the profiler allowing traces of GPU activity to be captured and analyzed.

Presenter:  Tom Charlesworth (Principal Software Engineer)