Tool:  The XMOS Development Environment


The XMOS Development Environment provides a user with the ability to design, program, debug and test XMOS multicore microcontrollers. Based around the industry standard Eclipse framework it has been extended with additional tools and functionality to support XMOS XCORE(tm) devices. Particular emphasis has been put on the multicore development experience to allow the tools to scale from 1 to many target devices whilst maintaining the standard Eclipse look and feel users are familiar with.

Presenter: Matt Fyles (Director of Software Tools Development, XMOS)


Matt Fyles works as the Director of Software Tools Development at XMOS Ltd, a provider of multicore microcontrollers. Matt joined XMOS in early 2008 and has 14 years experience in the semiconductor industry specializing in development tools and applications for parallel processor architectures. He has an honors degree in Computer Science from Exeter University.