University Newcastle  


e-Therapeutics PLC

Name:Athanasios (Thanos) Grivas
Designation:KTP Associate/PhD Candidate
Title:High Performance Graph Analysis on Many-core Architectures

Abstract: Based on advances in chemical biology and network science, network pharmacology is a distinctive new approach to drug discovery. It involves the application of network analysis to determine the set of proteins most critical in any disease, and then chemical biology to identify molecules capable of targeting that set of proteins. Conventional algorithms and single core processors struggle with the efficient processing of such protein interaction networks due to their excessive size. Employing multi-core graphic processing units (GPUs) could provide sufficient processing power for their analysis. However, commonly designed algorithms cannot exploit this massively parallel processing power. The project targets in the development of a high performance network-based drug discovery platform by designing innovative algorithmic approaches for parallel network analysis in many-core architectures.

Biography :  Athanasios K. Grivas received the BSc degree in Telecommunications Science & Technology from University of Peloponnese, Greece, in 2010, and the MSc degree in Mobile & Pervasive Computing from Newcastle University, UK, in 2011.

He is currently studying towards the PhD degree in Complex Network Engineering using Multi-core Computing from the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department at Newcastle University. Since 2012 he works as a Many-core Software Developer on the KTP partnership between Newcastle University and e-Therapeutics PLC in the development of a high-performance computing system for a network based drug discovery.

His research interests include Parallel programming for Network Analysis, High Performance bio-computing systems, efficient concurrent algorithms on emerging architectures and Multi-core Computing.