Name:David Lacey
Designation:Technical Director of Software Tools
Title:Power Management by Smart Task Placement

Abstract:  Heterogeneous systems tend to be distributed and asynchronous – with each unit possibly running at a different clock speed. This talk investigates a key part of reducing the overall power usage of a system – placing the right tasks on the right parts of the system to minimize the clock frequencies of the units involved. XMOS’s approach with regard to this strategy will be discussed (not really heterogeneous – but distributed and asynchronous so facing the same issues).

Biography :  Dr David Lacey works as Technical Director of Software Tools at XMOS Ltd. With over thirteen years of research and development in programming tools and compilation technology he now works on the development tools for XMOS devices. As well as tools development he has worked on application development for parallel and embedded microprocessors including work in areas such as math libraries, networking, financial simulation and audio processing.

Multicore Challenge Presentation                                            Presentation Recording Unavailable