Imagination Technologies Limited

Name:Doug Watt
Designation:GPU Computer Program Manager
Title:Cool Computer: Strategies for Managing Power vs. Performance in Mobile Devices

Abstract:  Power consumption in mobile SoC design is a key issue, with apps pushing the limits of devices, and making power management a complex task as performance demands continue to grow. This presentation explores strategies for power management in mobile devices using parallelism, looking at which systems are compute capable, how and when to use OpenCL EP vs FP, Filterscript for Android mobile devices, PowerGearing across scalable GPUs, balancing hardware and software choices, and detailed analysis of practical and appropriate uses for parallelism in mobile applications.

Biography :  Doug joined Imagination Technologies in June 2012 and has been instrumental in driving the company’s efforts behind the adoption and implementation of GPU computing products based on OpenCL and Renderscript. Prior to joining Imagination, Doug was with XMOS from its formative stage, where he recruited and led the software tools team, co-authored the XC programming language, and developed the company’s tools product roadmap. Doug holds Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees from the University of Bristol, where his research focused on the design of tools that simplify the programming of heterogeneous systems.

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