Imagination Technologies Limited

Name:Doug Watt (GPU Computer Program Manager)Salvatore De Dominicis (Customer Support Engineer)
Tool:Using an IMG GPU to reduce energy consumption of common image filters

Abstract  : IMG has developed a real-time image filtering application, which is run on an Pandaboard (OMAP4 SoC). The filters can be configured to run on a single CPU thread, two CPU threads or the GPU. This demonstration uses a probe to measure energy consumption in all three scenarios, showing that the GPU consumes the least energy per frame.

Biography :  

Doug joined Imagination Technologies in June 2012 and has been instrumental in driving the company’s efforts behind the adoption and implementation of GPU computing products based on OpenCL and Renderscript. Prior to joining Imagination, Doug was with XMOS from its formative stage, where he recruited and led the software tools team, co-authored the XC programming language, and developed the company’s tools product roadmap. Doug holds Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees from the University of Bristol, where his research focused on the design of tools that simplify the programming of heterogeneous systems.

Salvatore is currently working in Imagination as Customer Support Engineer, primarily focused on supporting OEMs using OpenCL. Previously he worked in STMicroelectronics in Milan as a S.W. Application Engineer, where he worked on kernel-space development and support for a family of multicore S.o.C.s running Linux. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.