Name:Jeremy Bennett (Chief Executive),Simon Cook (Compiler Engineer)
Tool:The Adpateva Epiphany Processor
Ultra-low power High Performance Computing

Description:  Epiphany is an ultra-low power multicore floating-point co-processor. The standard processor has 16 cores, delivering a total of around 26 GFlops of processing in under 5 watts. However we’ll be demonstrating a prototype of the 64 core processor, which will deliver a total of around 100 GFlops of processing in under 2 watts.

Prototyping boards for specialist co-processors like Epiphany can be very expensive. However through a KickStarter funded project, Parallella, boards containing a pair of ARM cores and a 16-core Epiphany processor are being made available for just $99. A “supercomputer” version of Raspberry Pi.
Biography : Dr Jeremy Bennett, an expert on hardware modeling and embedded software development founded Embecosm in 2008. Previously Dr Bennett was Vice President of ARC International plc, following their acquisition of Tenison Design where he had been CEO and CTO. Dr Bennett is author of the popular textbook, “Introduction to Compiling Techniques” (McGraw-Hill 1990, 1995, 2003) and holds an MA and PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

Simon Cook has a background in low-power processors, with a particular focus on the energy constraints of code running in embedded environments. He also provides support for our work on low level binutils for both GNU and LLVM toolchains. Mr Cook is a graduate of the University of Bristol, where he achieved joint First Class Honours in Computer Science and Electronics.

Multicore Challenge Presentation